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  • readySC is not a grant program but instead is committed to providing a full range of services to qualifying companies with the end goal of supplying your initial workforce.

Recruitment Solutions

  • Develop customized recruitment solutions such as microsites, advertising, social media campaigns, job fairs, among others.

Training Solutions

  • Develop customized training solutions including curriculum development & design, employee orientations, transfer of knowledge strategies and continued workforce development.

Locating Instructors

  • Work to determine best staffing strategies for all training and cover instruction expenses.

Training Site

  • Coordinate with local partners to find suitable training space then up-fit with state-of-the art equipment and labs to best reflect the ultimate workplace.

Project Approach

  • Use a project management approach by providing a full-time project manager, developing a comprehensive project scope and conducting periodic project reviews.

To qualify, we require that:

  • Jobs projected must be permanent.
  • Pay represents a competitive wage for the area.
  • Benefit package must include health insurance.
  • Number of jobs created must be sufficient enough to allow readySC™ to provide training in a cost-effective manner.

3D Process

We work with your Subject Matter Experts to determine the skills, knowledge and abilities needed and to define the culture and working environment you want to create at your new facility.

Based on the findings of our Discovery process, we design training to meet your specific needs. Team-based? Five-S? GMP? We don't just deliver these individual courses; we can integrate their principles into every facet of the training so that your training plan is customized specifically to you.

Our goal is to help you start production with employees who are already immersed in your culture and processes. We develop our curriculum based on your timeframe. Whether your schedule allows for in-depth task analysis and comprehensive training solutions or just-in-time development and delivery, we provide the training solution that is right for you.

We are completely flexible in our delivery options including:

  • Hands-on simulations of your working environment.
  • Computer based training.
  • Virtual recreations of your work processes.
  • Hand-held video delivery options.
  • One-on-one training and mentoring.
  • And of course classroom training.

Our 3-D Training Process generates a training program that is customized specifically for you.