Hengshi Signed Successfully in America

EDT (EST) on December 8th at 11:30 in the morning, theUnited States everstone an annual production capacity of 10000 tons of glass fiber fabric project successfully signed in South Carolina in the United States capital of Columbia city. The South Carolina Department of Commerce International Business Development Director Nelson Lindsay, Mr. Ricci and Mr. Lan county Torrey Rush Chinese everstone company executive director and general manager Mr. Zhou Tingcai signed the investment agreement, China everstone Chairman Mr. Zhang Yuqiang and the South Carolina Department of Commerce Office of long Bobby Mr. Hitt attended and witnessed this important moment. During the visit, President Zhang Yuqiang also led the team inspected the everstone everstone America's future to be the site of factory, and the layout of the specific work requirements of the project construction schedule etc.. According to the current work plan, is expected to be formally formed in the fourth quarter of 2017 a period of 10000 tons of production capacity. Heng stone as the world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass fabrics for wind blades, its customer base covering all the world's wind power industry blades and whole machine manufacturers, foreign sales accounted for more than 60%. Among them, North America's sales revenue has exceeded 20% of total sales revenue, and maintained a steady growth year after year, is one of the most important stone Heng overseas market. Plant in the United States, is the permanent stone Egypt after the board of directors and made a major strategic deployment. On the one hand, can better meet the needs of local customers in North America, by "outside for" to further shorten the delivery time, enhance supply capacity, enhance market share and brand influence; on the other hand, you can take the opportunity to attract talented people to join the United States local everstone, constant stone culture and the culture of the United States to achieve full collision enhance the degree of internationalization and integration, the constant stone company fundamentally. Settled in South Carolina is the company after full investigation and careful analysis of the conclusions drawn after comparison. South Carolina is one of the most concentrated U.S. glass fiber downstream industry chain, China stone and many other world-renowned glass fiber manufacturers have production layout in the state, raw material supply can be fully protected. South Carolina infrastructure, road, rail transportation facilities, only 198 km from Charleston deep-water port. While the state is rich in labor resources and labor costs below the U.S. average. In addition, the preferential policies provided by the South Carolina government also makes it one of the main reasons to attract many foreign companies to invest. Everstone American project is a step towards a more solid constant stone in the process of internationalization, after the completion of the project will further enhance the everstone in overseas especially in the United States market share, continue to consolidate and enhance the everstone as wind blade leading manufacturers and suppliers of glass fiber fabric.